Why Remelo?

We are a non-bank lender that provides moderately priced capital to cash based businesses.

Our Lending Mindset

We work to understand our borrowers beyond their past credit score. Our financial products fall outside of traditional underwriting and risk guidelines, which means we're able to find a solution that fits your situation.

Remelo mitigates risk through lending that is asset-based via merchant services receivables. We leverage merchant receivables as collateral to reduce risk.

Most importantly, we report positive loan payment history back to the borrower's business and personal credit report.

Our Value

  • Report positive loan payment history
  • Minimal paperwork for preapprovals
  • Fast closing dates so you can get the funding you need now
  • Startups and new businesses CAN apply!
  • Non-traditional Credit Underwriting and risk guidelines means your approval is based on more than a credit score